tolifikacijaDistrict Heating Plant at Petrovac began trial operation in 1979 with 2 employees of the construction company '' Home '' and 2 workers from the medical center. The managerial authority in the evaluation period was from the company that has performed work ( '' heating Zagreb ''). After 6 months of trial operation in 1980 did the 4 workers from utilities and from 1982 there is a unique company KJP''Izvor '' and since then the city heating plant works independently of the enterprise.

The main heating system is done in two phases. The first stage was to the city center and joined the Municipal Assembly Petrovac, SUP, MUP, land, building committee, Mail Petrovac, Telekom Serbia. From the living area is covered by buildings Solidarity, which consisted of 3 in 12 apartments, the building B.Bulića number 23 (15 apartments), the building B.Bulića No. 8 (21 apartments), the building at 157 S.Vladara (24 apartments) . Later, connected buildings at 155 S.Vladara who owned bank and 22 apartments, street B.Bulića number 10 with the 2 inputs (12 apartments) with associated private premises.
The second part of the hotwater was made the same year and it is connected to the Health Center and Retirement Home, which owns the private flats (12 flats). Hot-water network is 31 years old. 2 years ago has changed a part of a length of 100 m. The second part of the network is planned to change (there were several interventions).
The first section of the heating pipes have 1 private port. From 1990 to the present day we have 3 private port.
1990 was made a new heating system of the Health Center to primary school and a kindergarten in the same year and attached.
The network is based street Vojislav Stokic, Bate Bulić, Serbian Rulers, Mlavska, 8 October, Slobodan Braunović, March 8, to scout grammar school 'Mladost' '.
1992 is connected residential commercial building at Slobodan Braunović 11 with 2 inputs (with 22 apartments).
2002 is connected to the high school '' Mladost ''.
2004 is connected buildings on 8 March (12 apartments).
The street Slobodan Braunović 2006 are connected to 10 private houses.

Currently, the city heating plant working 6 workers.

Larger investments were in 1990 when it was purchased from a 3.5 MW boiler with a burner, 2006 are incorporated 3 new circulation pump power of 110 m / s. Built-in closet and electro-mentioned pump with frequency converters.
2009. The heating system was developed over a length of 100 m, which connects the building of 15 flats and 5 shops.

It is planned to modernize all substations in the city. Part of the equipment was purchased, and the rest is not from financial razloga.U near future is planning another boiler of 3.5 MW with a burner, replace heating pipes in the street Vojislav Stokic and Bate Bulić. For now there are no conditions for the connection of private houses and apartment office space due to full occupancy district heating. Energy savings would be realized if they are implemented the project which envisages the replacement of heating pipes with new pipes that are insulated and installed to modern equipment that automatically saves energy.

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