petrovac na mlavi iz vazduha 2016


The sewage system of Petrovac na Mlavi

City Petrovac has built primary and secondary sewage network length of 29 kilometers, which cover about 80% of households.
KJP '' source '' has the technical documentation at the level of the main project, which is processed wastewater treatment center of Petrovac na Mlavi ( 'Hidrosanitas'', in 1978., Belgrade).

However, since these documents were very old, and in the meantime have essentially changed the rules governing this area underwent a new technical documentation in terms of processing existing and newly installed water management terms to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management no. 325-05-1094 / 92-07 from 16.10.1992. years.
Began in the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and has so far built a plant for mechanical treatment. Continued implementation of this investment depends on securing funding.

The sewerage network does not exist in rural areas, and not in a village not tested the technical possibilities for its construction.
Waste water in the territory of Petrovac na Mlavi controlled National Institute of Public Health in Pozarevac every 10 days.

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