groblje povac

At a distance of 3 - 4 kilometers from the city center, there are two types of rural cemeteries, no chapel, "Svine" and "Border", which are about two centuries old.
The chapel was built a few years ago on the outskirts of the town. Within the chapel like stores funeral equipment. Made urban project to build a new cemetery at the new location.

Cemetery "Svine" occupies an area of ​​over 2 hectares, and "Border" little more than 3 hectares. Cemeteries are held by the godišlje perform 6 - 7 mowing, regular pruning, cleaning and emptying of existing containers. KJP "Source" leased graves for 10 years, a renewal of the lease can be performed on an annual basis.

Price leasing and maintenance of burial places in the 10 years is 8.640,00 din. with tax, while the lease renewal for one year is 864,00 din.

During the tenure of the city signed the lease and maintenance of grave sites. In addition PUC "Izvor" performs a complete funeral services.

KJP A source in the range of our services includes all kinds of funeral services:

1. Excavation, filling and decorating the grave
2. Supplement for masonry (excluding materials)
3. Burial in the tomb without excavation
4. Transport of the mortal remains to the cemetery without parade
5. Transport of mortal remains to the cemetery with a parade
6. Manual removal of vehicles to transport to the chapel
7. Insert the deceased in a coffin
8. Lowering of the deceased from the floor by one floor
9. The use of the memorial service for sale
10. The use of refrigerators per hour
11. Waiting for the vehicle at the request of customers per hour
12. Burial in the grave - digging inputs
13. Download the deceased from the hospital, the narrower the city
14 Carriage of human remains in the territory of the crash site to the hospital - a lump sum
15. Packaging corpse in a coffin after prolonged standing or autopsy
16. Packaging corpse in a coffin after a long standing in the water, apartment, etc.
17 exhumation of remains
18. Making the cut, the tomb by order of the Purchaser
19. Lease burial places in 10 years
20. Dressing of the deceased at the request of customers
21. Fee for maintenance of grave sites for 10 years
22. Extension of the lease grave sites for a year
23. Extension of maintaining grave sites for a year
24. Transport of mortal remains of up to 100 km
25. Transport of mortal remains of over 100 km
26. Transport remains from abroad especially contracts


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